Curiosity = Captivity!
47 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Six sexy business ladies get too nosey for their own good and as a result find themselves on the end of some tight ropes and secure gags. First up is ultra sexy Gia Mancini caught snooping around by her boss. After being tightly hand gagged, she is bound to a chair and tape gagged.

Gwen is a high powered CEO who comes home from work to find pretty Reina and some creep waiting for her. They hogtie the tough but beautiful CEO leaving her helpless until they can find the combination to her safe.

Raven is a new employee who has been warned not to get into a certain file cabinet. Well, she does anyway and not surprisingly the punishment is being trussed up and gagged until her boss can decide what to do with her.

Also included is Goldie Blair as a concerned employee who wants to turn in a client. Goldie's boss Jodi Baldwin will have none of this and ties up her conscientious employee to keep her out of the way. Jordan Mallory is an investigator looking into Mr. Elmer's company. When the questions get too tough, Mr. Elmer uses ropes and gags to end the investigation. Finally, Chantel Osmond works for an insurance company that is investigating an injury case. When she finds that the guy who made the claim is as healthy as a horse and faking the whole thing, he must do something to stop her from turning him in. You'll never guess what he has in mind.

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