Today's Your Day To Be Bound And Gagged!
48 Minutes; $30 DVD or Digital Download

  • The safe's open, a priceless collectible has been stolen and secretary Ginger Lee lies gagged and ball-tied on her desk -- the boss's day just took a turn for the worse!

  • After her boyfriend welches on his gambling debts, Heather Harper becomes the hogtied and gagged hostage of sexy mob enforcer Melissa Jacobs!

  • When Martina Warren returned home and found housemate Samantha Ryan bound and gagged, she rushed to release her, but instead joined Samantha in captivity!

  • To prevent Nika Noire from testifying against his boss, a thug binds the frightened girl to her chair, then ratchets up the intimidation by leaving Nika tape-gagged and hogtied on the table!

  • Bound and gagged but determined to escape, courageous executive Kathleen Plummer squirms downstairs step-by-step, then hops out the door!

  • Heather Harper wanted a closer look at those packages Sunny Sanders was transporting, so she tied and gagged Sunny and took her place!

  • A mail delivery mixup draws beautiful housemates Lena Shelby and Jana Cova into dangerous intrigue that ends with the girls struggling in bondage!


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