Sinister Surprises For Hapless Heroines!
45 Minutes; $30 DVD; $25 Digital Download

* When Kara Kingman made a shocking discovery about her old friend Erin Avery, she was bound for disappointment.

* Upwardly-mobile career girl Kina Kai tried to kick her loser boyfriend to the curb, but the angry jerk left her immobilized.

* Crystal Klein had a great life as a wealthy banker's wife -- until crime princess Shay Laren abducted her.

* Before Karlie Montana could call security about Alexis Taylor's suspicious behavior, her crooked co-worker roped and gagged her.

* Delighted with the antique she'd won at auction, Lachelle Marie didn't notice that the defeated bidder had followed her home.

* After August Knight ordered a boorish neighbor to keep quiet, he gave the indignant girl a lesson in enforced silence.


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