Dangerous Business!
45 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Business as usual? Not for seven enticing career girls trapped by intrigue and treachery! Sexy exec Christy Burns helps a sinister Man In Black seize Fantasia Ferrer but quickly joins her in bondage! Detoured by a devious couple, demure stockholder Ann Marie struggles bound and gagged while the annual meeting goes on without her! As she relaxes at home, lovely prosecutor Devon Marsh refuses to believe she's in danger from a vengeful convict; lying trussed and silenced in the trunk of his car, Devon regrets her bravado!

Stylishly attired for work, beautiful banker Laurie Wallace becomes a helpless hostage in her own luxurious bathroom! Vivacious process-server Barbie Bentley discovers the hazards of her job when she surprises a dangerous criminal who has no intention of playing by the rules! And pretty young businesswoman Amber Lane falls victim to workplace paranoia when a disturbed colleague gags and hogties her!

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