Conspiracies Create Captives!
45 Minutes; $30 DVD

* Gangster girlfriend Eden Wells had a foolproof plan to torpedo the case against her boyfriend: abduct ADA Georgia Jones and her younger sister Tristan Bell. So how did Eden wind up in a hogtie?

* Femme fatale Molly Matthews walks away with a priceless antique, leaving poor Tiffany Brooks hogtied and gagged!

* Hanna Hilton's been yelled at for the last time, now that she's bound and gagged angry boss Jamie Lynn!

* Bridget Kelly won office promotions by stealing Chantel Osmond's ideas, so Chantel struck back with bondage!

* Erica Ellyson couldn't understand why policewoman Andie Valentino had tied and gagged her until Andie cracked her safe!


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