Courageous Captives Of Callous Crooks!
43 Minutes; $30 DVD

* Hard-working secretary Nevaeh Cook is bound, gagged and ripped-off by no-good sister Lena Shelby!

* Ambitious V.P. Cassia Riley works late into the night until a spy leaves her helpless!

* Refusing to accept her bondage, Melissa Jacobs struggles free - but her remorseless captor trusses her even tighter!

* A devious scheme goes awry when femme fatale Molly Matthews makes innocent Tiffany Brookes her hogtied captive!

* Betrayed by crooked manager Samantha Ryan, spunky country singer Dee Lily strikes back by putting her in a bind!

* Overpowered, gagged, bound and terrorized - what new horrors await Sammy Cruz and Goldie Blair!

* Searching for her video-editor boyfriend, Lena Shelby encounters a thug determined to retrieve an incriminating tape


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