They Can't Make Trouble If They're Tied Up And Gagged!
48 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

* Conscientious auditor Shay Laren's just trying to do her job -- that's why shady lady Crystal Klein ties and gags her before Shay can file her report!

* Charlie Laine's always neatly dressed and businesslike, but after things go wrong she finds herself in an embarrassing bind!

* Kristal Davis rarely relaxes at work, but an office burglary creates a bondage timeout for her!

* Surrounded by papers thrown on the floor by her captor, a bewildered Nicole Watson lies bound and gagged on the floor!

* Tied to a post, gagged and menaced by gang moll Shay Ruskin, meek Chance McKay loses her enthusiasm for testifying against Shay's boyfriend!

* Their graduation's far in the past, but wacko cheerleader Bridget Kelly keeps the rivalry alive by roping and gagging businesswoman Chantel Osmond!

* A tough-to-sell house, hidden loot and a scheming crook add up to silenced captivity for sexy realtor Celeste Star!

* Starr Conway works part-time at the office so she can stay close to her wealthy husband -- that's where the kidnapper grab her!


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