Working Women's Perilous Bondage
44 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Conservitive business women find themselves all tied up and helpless in this latest release from

Bound, gagged and blindfolded, inquisitive investigator Marlena Mercurio becomes the captive of a soft-hearted crook! While poking around a spooky house, daring photo-journalist Karlie Montana encounters an ugly antagonist who demands that she stick around for a while! Left helpless on the floor when a shady deal goes awry, stylish businesswoman Francesca Valentina struggles valiantly to escape! Before conscientious personnel person Kina Kai can blow the whistle on Vivian Chase, the crooked employee overpowers and silences her! Just as Haley Michaels is beginning to enjoy her vacation, she's grabbed and restrained by an arrogant thief! As she writhes furiously against her bonds, Andie Valentino swears to herself that she'll never work late again! Fledgling lawyer Natasha Allen receives a shocking surprise from rope-savvy client Reina!


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