Business Beauties In Bondage!
45 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

There's something in the air and a masked maniac on the loose! Bound on the floor next to a plundered safe, ball-gagged and bound Erika Jordan becomes the first victim. Rising young executive Gia Mancini's the next to be menaced by the misogynistic miscreant! Brimming with confidence after his abduction of Gia, the depraved demon seizes beautiful business partners, Chantel Osmond and Sherri Reynolds!
When Bridget Kelly discovers that her charity is a scam, Gwen Stanley takes drastic action to keep her quiet! An argument between Clara Gentry and Kaiya Lynn escalates to a T.K.O by Kaiya and captivity for Clara! Rebellious Ashley Raines uses ropes and a gag to strike back at domineering big sister Karina Santos! A shady character ties up conscientious office worker Melissa Jacobs when she refuses to relinquish vital information! For the final scene, sexy Rose Bancroft is tied on screen by a bad guy on the run!


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