Destined For Bondage!
45 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Amber Corelli's assignment was simple, but tough chick Ashley Raines made sure she was too tightly tied to complete her job! Sitting bound and gagged on an empty safe, Celeste Star still couldn't believe that best friend Lindy Larson had betrayed her trust! Hired by shady webmasters, Nicole Watson bound and silenced internet vigilante Gwen Stanley! Trussed to her chair and gagged tightly, Liola Jossi fearfully awaited an outcome she was powerless to prevent! When probation officer Mikayla Montez decided that Tyra Banxx would return to prison, she never imagined that she'd become Tyra's prisoner! In the morning, Jennifer Lee and Vanessa Figueroa were successful young executives; by the afternoon, they were bound and gagged captives! As Reina struggled in bondage on her couch, she cursed her trusting nature! Ruthless conspirators arranged Sue Diamond's abduction as insurance for his co-operation!


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