Bad Guys Tie Smart Girls!
45 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Brea Bennett comes home to find that her home has been burglarized. Unfortunately for her the burglars are still there and tie her up! When the kidnapper finds out that the father won't pay for Jasmine Mancini but would pay for his favorite daughter Gia Mancini, Jasmine and the kidnapper join forces to kidnap Gia and split the money between them. Office worker Marlena Mercurio is bound and gagged to a chair and a bomb is put near her feet by an angry masked man. One minute smooth-tongued Cynthia Scott is trying to sell an insurance policy, the next she's struggling indignantly in gagged restraint. They knew that threatening Crystal Klein wouldn't force her to play their game, so they turned her best friend Zoe Britton into a helpless pawn.


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