Bad Girls Capture Good Business Women!
45 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Sibling rivalry undermines a business relationship when Starr Conway puts sister Gia Mancini in a bind! Ruthless kidnapper Christina Kazan hides bound and gagged hostage Hannah Thurman in a dank cellar! Bad girl Teresa Tabor talks her way into Claudia Charles' home, then ties and gags her shocked hostess! Conscientious accountant Natalie Wade never dreamed that her report to crooked exec Rose Bancroft would lead her into bondage! Surprised in the middle of a burglary, Anna Mills restrains and silences stunned secretary Joelean Travis! Fledgling attorney Stephanie Renee receives a rough introduction to criminal law when con-woman Kitana Jade binds and gags her! A nasty divorce gets uglier after girl-friend Shay Ruskin trusses angry wife Heather Stewart to a post!

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