Abducted Executives!
47 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Overpowered by evil Zoe Britton, beautiful executive Karina Santos struggles hogtied in the back of an old van. After gutsy Crystal Klein resists the advances of a drunken colleague, she becomes the desperate man's prisoner. When Tess Baxter tries to retrieve an incriminating tape for a friend, she's grabbed and bound. Political rivalry turns vicious when candidate's wife Samantha Ryan is abducted and held hostage. Jenna West scoffed at the idea of a haunted house, but then the confident young realtor was whirled into bound and disheveled captivity. In-person identity theft overtakes Rachel Santini when Gia Mancini ties her up and takes her place. Courageous daughter Madison Moore brings the ransom for kidnapped mom Eden Wells, but ends up bound and gagged next to her.

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