Tied Up at the Office!
48 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Charisma Wood is a hard-working secretary - except when she's daydreaming about the dangerous pleasures of being bound and gagged! Whistle-blower Chantel Osmond discovers several boxes of documents that will implicate her dishonest boss. But he grabs her before she can go to the authorities, so Chantel and her friend Devon Marsh are left in a bind!

When Ann Harlow's employer refuses to buy "special protection insurance", enforcer girl Nikki Sweet hogties and gags poor little Ann to send them a message! After exec Hannah Thurman confronts her accountant for embezzlement, the desperate crook ropes up the beautiful businesswoman and her assistant Shamron, then plans a disastrous outcome for them!

Naive Ginger Williams can't believe that her new boyfriend has used her to gain inside information about her company! Ginger's even more astonished when he ties and gags her before making his escape! Refusing to aid a devious family adviser in defrauding her grandmother, Gwen Stanley pays an uncomfortable price for her integrity! But shifty half-sister Tiffany Thomas, double-crossed by the conspiracy's mastermind, winds up bound and gagged next to the struggling Gwen!

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