Serious Bondage For Hard Working Women!
45 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

When Mackenzie Montgomery learns a terrible secret, she's drugged, bound and hidden in the basement by Christine Kazan. Michelle Levon becomes CEO of her father's company, but disgruntled assistant Shari Reynolds has an explosive surprise for her. After a hard day's work, Isabella Santos' relaxing -- then an intruder forces her to bind and gag herself. Madison Moore's planning to buy insurance from Crissy Moran when a daring burglar puts their deal on hold. The larcenous music lover wanted Jana Cova and Isabella Janacek's priceless manuscript so badly that he left them bound and gagged at their piano. Envious chaperone Hannah Thurman conspires with a thug to kidnap beauty contestant Christina Kazan but winds up in bondage herself.

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