Captive Career Girls!
48 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Shay Ruskin's newspaper article angers rock singer Jamie so much that she gags and binds the hapless critic! After kind-hearted executive Jana Cova stops to help a girl in distress, she's horrified to discover that Madison Moore is actually a gun-toting kidnapper! Market research is usually quiet work, but when a security guard runs amok, Frankie Dee and Sarah Morris have an adventure they're bound to remember! When door-to-door saleslady Teresa Tabor gets her addresses confused, she's grabbed by a maniac, jailed and silenced! Reina's the sexy spokes-model for a sinister live website that auctions off bound and gagged businesswomen like Ginger Williams! Divorce lawyer Gia Mancini profession becomes hazardous when a crazed husband seizes and ties her and client Christina Kazan!

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