Perilous Professions!
47 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

What better way to intimidate a witness (Marie Mitchell) than to abduct her best friend (Gwen Stanley)? How about giving the unfortunate girl a taste of bondage herself? Fleecing suckers made Jelena Jensen rich, but when an angry investor came calling she was fit to be tied! Espionage can be a perilous profession, as sexy spies Fantasia Ferrer and Hana Dubcek discover! Justine Sands knew there would be plenty of time to deliver the package in the morning -- but she didn't plan on being bound and gagged! By the time Zoe Britton realized that Avery Adams had slipped past security, it was too late for her to avoid bound captivity! Greed defeats integrity when a ruthless real-estate developer refuses to let a negative report from inspectors Tyler Lindsay and Mackenzie Montgomery interfere with his plans!

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