Gagged By Greed!
45 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

After Erika Jordan mistakenly sells Tiffany and Yvonne Thomas a piano with a hidden treasure, all three music-lovers are captured and silenced by a predatory thug! Britany Christopher angrily refuses to pay protection money for her new diner, but when enforcer Tina Russell pays a surprise visit, Britany's bound for trouble! Heather Hunt and Isabella Janacek split up to pursue a master criminal, but are reunited when he captures and hogties them! Journalist Andrea Masters discovers that Tyler Lindsay's business empire is being financed by drug money, but Tyler applies a gag order before Andrea can break the story! Rose Bancroft and Reina won't allow a corrupt official to take a slice of their business, but their resistance collapses when he snares them in ropes!

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