Office Hostages!
48 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Terror shattered Christina Kazan's office routine when an escaped prisoner took the beautiful secretary hostage and used her as a human shield! When probation officer Monique Alexander discovered that a parolee was still in contact with his career criminal father, the vicious old man trusses her up in a closet!

As they lay bound and gagged on the floor, Jamie Lynn and Charisma Cole knew that their undercover investigation's failure had endangered their lives! Frankie Dee loved the library's peace and quiet, but her job took an alarming turn when she was bound by a book-thief! Shay Ruskin snuck into the dungeon searching for a front-page story, but the feisty young journalist and her informant Charlie Laine stay as bound and gagged captives! Ruthless thieves take over the office and wait impatiently for the boss while hostages Mackenzie Montgomery, Angelica Snow and Holly Manning shiver in bondage!

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