Secretaries in Bondage!
45 Minutes; $25 VHS, $30 DVD

Secretaries, executives, professionals: they're bright, pretty and sharply dressed in skirts and jackets! But they're also vulnerable women victimized by bad people - people like Eve Adams, who convince hard-driving business women Noelle Nash and Cindy O'Hara to relax in bondage, then robs her struggling captives! Or the desperate tax cheat who ties up beautiful auditor Ginger Jolie and hides her in a dank cellar!

Perky junior exec Tiffany Thomas promises her boss to make an important bid at noon, but when the clock strikes twelve, she's roped to her chair and silenced! A disturbed employee responds to the concerns of Shamron and her partner Yvonne Thomas by taking them captive! After high-powered agent Mackenzie Montgomery warns her client against making a deal, the deal-maker uses ropes and tape to counter her influence!

Petite secretary Devon Marsh never had a problem at work until a beautiful blonde burglar showed up with a gun; when she leaves with vital documents, Devon is lying helpless on the floor! While the big meeting goes on without her, frustrated Alex Courtney remains bound and gagged in her bathroom!

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